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Kings Hammer SBD takes pride in its professional approach to provide soccer clubs and other organizations with the best event experience possible.

What sets us apart from other event management companies?

Our Experience
From youth tournaments to college showcase events, we have experience managing and operating every level of events. We host over 45 events throughout the calendar year in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, Indiana, and Arizona. Our event staff has over 60 years of experience operating and managing successful soccer events.

Our Staff
We believe the right people make all the difference. Our knowledgeable, full-time event staff specialize in customer service, event planning, and operations to help create a successful event for your organization. Our staff handles all aspects of running a successful event, from administrative and logistics to planning of the tournament and on-site management. Our staff also handles communication with the teams, players, coaches, referees, and spectators involved in the event.

Our Goal
High quality events that provide the right level of competition for each club and team help create lasting memories for all involved. These positive event experiences help clubs maximize their event exposure and elevate their club brand.

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Interested in working with Kings Hammer SBD Events Management team? Here’s a timeline of how the process works and what you can expect from a timing point of view.


Kings Hammer SBD will ensure competitive balance as much as possible. Our experience and knowledge of the soccer landscape will allow us to create a competitive balanced tournament.

We will use our connections and rela­tionships with clubs and teams across the country and within the local soccer community to help recruit teams for your tournament. We will also rely on the local host club and their connections to help promote the event and recruit teams to participate.

We have a great reputation within the college coaching community. Through our relationships with college coaches, we will work to attract college coaches to your showcase to aid in the recruiting efforts of participating teams.

Everything from paying vendors, referees, providing insurance for the tournament. We will provide Profit & Loss statement within 1 month of the tournament completion with explanations.

We will handle all team applications to include acceptances and any rejections/wait-listed teams for the event. The local host club may be involved in the team acceptance process.

Event Management for each event through GotSport or another tournament software provider.

Marketing through the following channels:

  • Tournament Website: We will promote your event on

  • Email Marketing: We will market your event through our extensive club contact list.

  • Social media: Create content & paid promotion leading up to & during each event

With our professional graphic design team.

Secure facilities for each event weekend in conjunction with local host club.

Including hospitality tents, grass cutting, field lining, goals, nets, corner flags, sideline benches, etc.

Including tents, tables, chairs, golf carts, portable restrooms, etc.


Our event staff will be on-site to make sure everything runs smoothly, and we will provide on-site professional customer service at all events.

We will handle all aspects of event registration including any paperwork, checking player eligibility, and distributing tournament materials and schedules.

We will serve as the main tournament directors and administers any game day rulings or judgments as well as settle all disputes. We will manage the tournament headquarters and maintain the standings and schedule on-site.

Through local athletic training provider. Licensed medical trainers will be on hand for all events to attend to any necessary injuries.

For each event in conjunction with the local host club. Coordinate the presence of the local police and fire departments to provide ongoing support and security for the duration of the event.

For referees, coaches, and volunteers on-site during each event.

At college showcase events in conjunction with local host club

(Champion and Finalist) and promo items and referee gifts.

Manage the on-line and /or on-site tournament merchandise. If local host would like to manage event merchandise, we are open to discussion.

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Venues and Facilities

We will work with you to secure the top facilities for your event so we can provide participants the best overall event experience.

Below is a list of venues we have partnered with for our events: