Who We Are

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kings Hammer SBD Event Management is a event/tournament management company that provides full service turnkey tournament operations for soccer tournaments.

Kings Hammer SBD Event Management is based on the culmination of its staff’s playing, coaching, administering and managing experience at every level of competition. Our professional staff is equipped with a wealth of experience running and organizing successful events spanning over 30 years. The event staff represents hands-on customer service professionals who are ready, willing and able to help you create a successful event for your organization.

Our full time employees handle all the administrative, registration and planning of the tournaments. We allow your organization to participate as much or as little in the process as you desire.

Why Kings Hammer SBD

Kings Hammer SBD Event Management prides itself on professional organization and communication with the teams, players, coaches and spectators involved in the events building relationships and producing an event that is competitive, successful and enjoyable for all participants.

Kings Hammer SBD Event Management currently hosts over 40 events in locations throughout the United States including events in: Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Iowa, Florida, Nebraska, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, Arizona and Utah.

Kings Hammer SBD Event Management marketing partners include: Grand Park Sports Campus (Indiana), Warren County Sports Park ( Ohio) ,United Soccer Coaches, Site Search, PYB Sports, Gatorade, Nike, Soccer Village, Indiana Soccer, Sports Indiana, Visit Hamilton County, Warren County CVB, and Sports ETA.

If your organization is interested in having Kings Hammer SBD Event Management supporting or creating a custom event in your destination, please contact Brent Paulson at bpaulson@kingshammersbdsbd.com

Kings Hammer SBD creates event experiences that last a lifetime. We offer five types of events:

  • Youth Competitive Tournament:
    For U8-U19 boys and girls’ teams of all levels. Group play will take place the first 2 days with cham­pionship games being played after group play concludes.
  • Youth Recreational Tournament:
    For U6-U19 boys and girls’ recreational teams. Group play will take place the first 2 days with cham­pionship games being played after group play concludes.
  • College Showcase:
    For U13-U19 boys and girls teams looking to get their players scouted by college and pro scouts. KHEM will use our national database to attract scouts.
    Adult / Amateur
  • Tournament:
    Players 18+ can compete in Men’s and Women’s Open, over 30, over 40 or over 50 in 7v7/8v8/9v9 formats. Group play will take place the first 2 days with cham­pionship games being played after group play concludes.
  • Create a New Event or Elevate Existing Event:
    We can create a new tournament for your club or elevate an existing event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cancelation/ Refund Policy (Events that are fully canceled):

Team Withdraws:

Kings Hammer SBD and Site Search, LLC have partnered to make securing hotel accommodations simple. Our goal is to help teams stay rested and ready to play by having a great hotel experience. Site Search, LLC will partner with the best local hotels to offer teams the best options and prices for your event.

Our events are “stay to play” tournaments. This means all teams traveling outside of a 90-mile radius are required to create a hotel block through Site Search, LL to secure their rooms. Site Search will work with each individual team contact to ensure teams have the best hotel experience. Commuting teams will not receive special scheduling requests based on their decision to commute rather than stay in a hotel.

If you have any questions please contact support@sitesearchllc.com or call 1-502-292-3198.

KHSBD LEadership Team

Christopher Peterman, the CEO of Kings Hammer SBD, brings a rich tapestry of leadership, financial acumen, and a passion for sports development. Starting his career as a Treasury Analyst focusing on foreign exchange at Ashland, Chris quickly demonstrated his prowess in financial management. His journey through various roles, including Investment Operations Analyst and Investment Research Analyst, sharpened his strategic and analytical skills.

At Corporex Companies, Chris excelled as a Research Analyst and Investment Manager, where he was instrumental in navigating complex financial landscapes. His transition to Kona Ice as CFO and later COO saw him steering the company through substantial growth phases, showcasing his capability to manage and scale operations efficiently.

Chris combines his financial expertise with his passion for youth sports to foster environments where young athletes thrive. Under his leadership, Kings Hammer SBD is set to redefine what it means to participate in and experience youth soccer, promising an unmatched blend of competitive spirit and developmental opportunity.

Brian Simpson, the Chief Operating Officer at Kings Hammer SBD, is renowned for his exceptional ability for creating unique and impactful soccer experiences through meticulous event planning and financial acumen. Brian’s business savvy, enriched by his background as a financial consultant and coach, has been pivotal in scaling operations and elevating event experiences to new heights.

His hands-on approach and leadership at various soccer clubs and college programs have equipped him with an in-depth understanding of what it takes to nurture talent and execute top-tier sports events. These experiences have sharpened his skills in crafting programs that cater to the developmental needs of young athletes while ensuring competitive excellence.

Brent Paulsen, the Chief Development Officer, is a visionary leader recognized for his profound impact on the sports event management industry. With over 16 years’ experience, he has expertly guided the company in delivering full-service, turn-key tournament operations. From youth to collegiate showcase tournaments, his leadership ensures each event is not only successful but also fosters strong relationships and delivers enjoyable experiences for all participants.

His tenure as Operations Director for the United Soccer Coaches Convention further showcases his capability to manage large-scale, international events, attracting over 15,000 attendees annually. This role highlighted his expertise in overseeing complex operations and logistics, ensuring each convention was executed flawlessly.

Brent’s foundational experience as Director of Operations at FC Pride Soccer Club equipped him with deep insights into the needs of soccer clubs and their communities. His strategic vision and hands-on approach have been instrumental in crafting events that resonate with participants and spectators alike, underpinned by his strong skills in business development, team management, and marketing. Brent’s leadership not only drives operational excellence but also embodies a commitment to enhancing the soccer landscape across all levels.

Dave McIver, Vice President of Events at Kings Hammer SBD, has been a central figure in building the event management side of the organization to its current esteemed reputation. Starting his tenure in 2013, Dave brought with him a rich background from Kentucky Youth Soccer, where he served as Program Manager and Assistant Director of Coaching. This experience provided him with a deep understanding of the soccer ecosystem and the nuances of event organization.

Under his leadership, Kings Hammer’s events have become known for their exceptional organization and the holistic experience they offer to all participants—from young players and coaches to families and soccer clubs. Dave’s strategic vision focuses on continuously enhancing these events, ensuring they are not only competitive platforms but also memorable experiences that foster community and sportsmanship.

His expertise in managing complex logistics and his proactive approach to adopting innovative practices have significantly improved the quality and appeal of Kings Hammer SBD events. Dave’s dedication to excellence is evident in his commitment to refining every aspect of the event experience, making each tournament or showcase a benchmark in youth soccer.